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Wallow Within Loved their old Disgraced Convert 7". Meanwhile Woundvac have come to a lot more musical profession without losing their sense for a good old Grindcore massacre. The production is surprisingly good, while musically you'll probably be reminded of Pig Destroyer in their best days. I love this record.
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released February 17, 2017

Written/Produced by Woundvac
Drums recorded at Arcane Digital Recording with Ryan Butler
Guitars/Bass/Vocals recorded and mixed by Kiel Siler
Additional vocal mixing by Zachary Rippy at Sound Signal Audio
Mastered by Ronald J. Llewellyn of Welshman's Pride
Album artwork by Mithrin Design



all rights reserved


WOUNDVAC Phoenix, Arizona

Woundvac is a 4-piece hardcore/grind band formed in 2014 from Phoenix, AZ

Rich - Vocals
Drew - Guitars
Kiel - Bass
Brian - Drums

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Track Name: Dwell
In the land of the fallen
under the feet of those whose privilege justifies
the beating down of its own

If you hit the ground running
you won’t know the heat of the fire
“This life is yours- this land is no one’s but yours”

But when you fall into it;
Pits full of hands tearing at the bones
Reaching out for hope
Why should they follow

I can’t stand the sight of this mare
let alone be in it

Dark enveloping
Depression weakening

Death will fuel the masters
Reign of suffering

We can’t bury the hatchet
They can’t heal
I can’t judge
Knowing I’m getting by where I dwell
Track Name: A Remedy So Vile
Take your filth, name your price
Embrace it, and make it mine

Foul insides

Who would know that plague could be so pure
Life within specimen


A remedy so vile
Exchange of trade makes it seem sane
A remedy so vile
The cure is expelled, defused the disease for many
Track Name: Eternal Betrayer
Render a Target
To keep social order.
The horror will not only come from the ones
who were deemed wrong;
they’re not the answer.

Invest in the eternal betrayer.
Be one with machines
As they carry the weight of our indignation.

What’s considered perfect
Is the most heinous of all.
Scavenge the wreckage to relive the fall.

What’s the price?
What's the point in life?
We're nothing more than an offering
Up to a plan destined to fail.

Start in dirt,
Squirm in mire.
Standing in anger,
Poking our eyes through the shutters.

Sin in spite of damnation,
You can’t think for me nor can you for the earth.

Stars won’t fall for me
And they won’t fall for you,
No matter how high your walls,
This filth covers us all.
Filth covers us all.
Track Name: Bringers of Carrion
In honor of it’s name
We’ll take what’s in the wrong hands
for they kneel incorrectly

The desert storms have compromised
their rational thought in our eyes
By our example
They must be willing
To see what they were blind to before
The same worked for us;

The well-oiled machine
They’ll die with steel in their guts
At each others throats

All thanks to us, as is the plan
Rain down pestilence - spread our disease
The young will be born deformed and defective
Paying the price of the elders
They must learn their place


They come from the north, the ones from the east

Too long has it been since an onslaught
Our bloodlust for carnage can finally be quenched
Though their numbers are too few for the annals
This day will be known far and wide from the stench

Cry out – screams of imminent victory; the last thing they’ll hear
Fall out – baptize the expanse with their blood

Piles of bodies strewn by our steel
as the limbless drown in the gore
Savor the chaos, keep turning the wheel
That lone one still breathing- bring him here

Blasphemer, cry out – say who we are then beg for the blade
Denounce - your god is forgotten, die in the name of the sun

Live to die – we have but one purpose
Worship the cycle

Die to live – we give all to service
Death is immortal

Onward we move trail of dead in our wake
Adorned in crimson the God illuminates

Resolve will not be broken

Legacy through brutality, boundless and merciless

Searching the path of most resistance
Existing to be the bane of existence
We survive on suffering; hail flesh - hail the bringers of carrion

Bringers of Carrion
Track Name: Infamy
Cunning demon
Animator of empty shells
Live to harness those void of will
Banished to the depths
of this lifeless chasm
Collapse inside - drown in filth

As you ooze from the husk
Crushing bridges
Destroying trust
Mocked, cornered and ridiculed
We’ve been here before
We’ve fucking all been here before

One poor decision more as you
Engrave into me
Consumed by death I find safety
Praise disorder
Until the heart can’t take it
in a world built over

So called paradise
The failure
The fall out
And ill bury here
All feelings
All fear

What was it for?
To die in burning disgust
What was it for?
To die in burning disgust

How’s infamy
Track Name: (Bonus Track) Savage Kin
Fire burns low, into a faint glow,
distant storm, swells and blows
meager rations, low moral
sets the pace, to press on

forsaken trail, ill prepared
savage kin, moving downwind
beating drums, howling horns

forsaken trail, ill prepared

masked in black, (wielding) flint and bone
hearts and scalps, (taken) one by one

expelled instinct, vulnerability shown
our guide has passed, the ways unknown

masked in black, (wielding) flint and bone
hearts and scalps, (taken) one by one
Track Name: (Bonus Track) Suicide Note Pt. 2 (Pantera Cover)
Out of my mind,
gun up to the mouth
No pretension, execution, live and learn , rape and turn
Fret not family,
nor pre-judged army
This is for me,
and me only, cowards only
Try it

Don't you try to die, like me
It's livid and it's lies and makes graves
Graves descending down

It's not worth the time to try, to replenish a rotting life
I'll end the problem, facing nothing, fuck you off, fuck you all
Tortured history, addict of misery, this exposes me
for weakness is a magnet - watch me do it

Why would you help anyone who doesn't want it,
doesn't need it, doesn't want your shit advice
when a mind's made up to go ahead and die?
What's done is done and gone, so why cry?